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The STEM Exchange


 Over 1,200 employers offering over 600 professional development opportunities

WHAT ...

The STEM Exchange provides the mechanism for collaboration between STEM employers, STEM practitioners and those interested in a STEM career. This integrated approach provides tutors and teachers with an invaluable understanding of the skills needs of industry; those interested in a STEM career get essential industry insight; and employers benefit from a future talent pool that is equipped with the skills their business requires.


WHO ...


Over 1,200 employers – including large corporates such as Toyota, JCB, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and Liebherr, as well as a wide range of smaller specialist suppliers – have already signed up to The STEM Exchange. They have opened their doors to practitioners, offering a number of diverse professional development opportunities – from a walk on the shop floor and introduction to the business through to bite-sized work shadowing and telephone advice. Could you do the same?


Why not take advantage of this great opportunity to get closer to your local employers and gain a real insight into their skills needs? This collaboration could prove invaluable and even open up doors to work experience opportunities for your students. 

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WHY ...

STEM-exchange-employers-V2 STEM-exchange-practitioners STEM-exchange-intertested


New STEM Exchange features ...

The STEM Exchange has just launched a range of new features designed to facilitate even more opportunities for collaborative working.

Work experience hub – www.stemexperience.co.uk
The STEM Exchange is now a hub for work experience placements. Those interested in a STEM career are encouraged to register on www.stemexperience.co.uk to search and apply for STEM work experience opportunities in their area.

Find out more STEM Exp

STEM Calendar

The STEM calendar identifies and promotes a rolling programme of STEM related learning activities which practitioners can take advantage of. Organisations are encouraged to get in touch to advertise their STEM events.

Practitioner Community Forum
The forum is designed to facilitate collaboration and best practice sharing among FE teachers and tutors.

All users are encouraged to contribute to The STEM Exchange blog to share their thoughts, ideas and comments.


HOW ...

It's really easy to sign up to The STEM Exchange. Just go to the dedicated STEM Exchange website and complete the short registration form.

Download The STEM Exchange leaflet