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Led by employers, our job is to transform the skills and productivity of the people who power our engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies sectors, enabling UK industry to compete on the global stage. We bring together employers and education to focus action on skills.

Our Mission

Semta’s Purpose

The UK’s engineering and advanced manufacturing sector has the science-base, skills and future pipeline of talent needed to be world class.


Semta’s Mission

Proactively support employers in the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector to inspire and create the engineers, technicians and scientists of today and tomorrow.

Semta's Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives defined for Semta's key activities are:

Semta Finance

  • To be a sustainable not for profit organisation, independent of EAL surpluses and Investment income.

   Semta Corporate

  • To further develop Semta Group

   Semta Future Enterprise

  • To sell employers and Awarding Organisations Semta’s USP (bespoke National Occupational Standards and Apprenticeship Frameworks). Sell Engineering Workforce Planning expertise and Business Improvement Techniques to help employers deliver economic prosperity and job growth.

   Semta Efficient

  • To reduce costs and increase efficiency through progressive IT improvement, lean business improvement and emphasis on outsourcing by March 2014

   Semta Influencing

  • To be central to powerful alliances and hold key influencing position, to be the “go to” place for Skills by employers, government and industry organisations. Embed Semta into Employers – to be the partners of choice for bidding and up skilling

   Semta Charity

  • To reinvest in line with Charitable Objectives up to 50% of EAL cash generation into non-funded sector up-skilling, to provide the sector with CIAG (Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance) Research, Skills Competitions, and Employer Regional and Sector Groups

   Semta Marketing and Communications

  • To completely re-invigorate the 5 Ps of the Marketing Mix and our internal communications to drive the achievement of Semta's strategy

   Semta People

  • Delivering a highly engaged, performance driven organisation that recognises, rewards the right behaviour, innovation and business results.

   Semta Intelligence

  • Research and ROI (Return on Investment) to support the business case for increased employer spend where there is a real need, with employers who have a budget or where there is funding.


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