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Based on our long standing knowledge and expertise in skills for the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector we work hand in hand with policy makers and opinion formers to advise on skills and education policy and help create the optimum environment for sector skills to thrive.

Semta is engineering skills for the future of the UK's most advanced sectors

Work with us on our standards, Apprenticeship frameworks and qualifications

Designed in partnership with employers

Semta encourages and welcomes the input of employers when designing and reviewing sector standards, Apprenticeship frameworks and qualifications

Giving employers, large and small, the opportunity to pool ideas and get involved at the design stage means Semta can ensure it provides solutions meeting the needs of all businesses in the sector.


Review of Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks and Qualifications in Scotland

Semta in Scotland is currently working on developing and reviewing the following:

Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks

  • Engineering Modern Apprenticeship (Level 3)
  • Industrial Applications Modern Apprenticeship (Level 2)
  • Rail Modern Apprenticeship (Level 2)
  • Technical Apprenticeship in Engineering and Manufacturing (SCQF 8/9)


  • Auto Engineering (Level 3)
  • Business Improvement Techniques (Level 4)
  • Engineering Manufacturing (Level 4)
  • Performing Industrial Operations (Level 2)
  • Performing Engineering Operations (Level 1)
  • Performing Manufacturing Operations (Level 1)
  • Rail Engineeering (Level 2)

To get involved in shaping and defining the standards, frameworks and qualifications your business, and our sector, needs to thrive, please contact customerservices@semta.org.uk or call 0845 643 9001.


Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) project

The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (AM&M) sector in Wales is continually changing and to keep up with the pace of change it is imperative that we know what skills are needed, where and when.

Semta has commissioned a detailed LMI study to better understand the skills needs of the AM&M sector in Wales. The findings will be used to evidence recommendations to the Welsh Government on what skills programmes should receive funding in Wales.

Watch our webinar recording to gain an understanding of the forecasted skills needs in AM&M - detailing how many people will need training, at what occupation level and for what skills, annually up to 2022.


Designing an Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship

Watch this video to find out how employers including Airbus, BAE Systems and Ford worked with Semta to design a Higher Apprenticeship in Advanced Manufacturing ...