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The STEM Experience

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WHAT ...

The STEM Experience brings together STEM employers and those interested in a STEM career. Employers offer work experience opportunities via The STEM Experience website. Anyone can search for relevant opportunities, regardless of age or educational status, and express an interest in them

STEM-exchange-interested-V2WHY ...

This collaborative approach provides an invaluable insight into a variety of STEM careers and the world of work. Employers benefit from a more enthused and engaged future STEM talent pool and can promote the exciting career opportunities their organisation offers.

The STEM Experience attracts employers from a wide variety of STEM industries from across the UK. Whether you're interested in sound engineering for the music industry, developing green technologies, creating software or designing buildings, STEM industries offer a huge range of career options.



STEM Experience Twitter Graphic Feb 16HOW ...

Whether you're a STEM employer wanting to advertise your work experience opportunities or someone interested in finding out more about a STEM career through work experience, register on The STEM Experience website now.

Anyone can use The STEM Experience, regardless of age or educational status, and it's completely free to both applicants and employers.

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