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Apprenticeship Levy

The government committed to increasing the quantity and quality of apprenticeships and set a target of 3 million new apprentices by 2020.

The government’s apprenticeship levy programme is now in full operation and designed specifically to support and empower employers at the centre of the apprenticeship system.

These changes may seem daunting at first but Semta are well equipped with knowledge and expertise to support you and your business with the levy.

We can assist you with:

● Apprenticeship levy information, advice and guidance
● Apprenticeship levy tailor-made consultancy
● Creating high quality apprenticeships
● Turning apprentices into valuable business assets

Apprenticeship levy information, advice and guidance

Our position of authority on sector apprenticeships is unrivalled. This means that we are your most valuable asset when it comes to understanding exactly how the levy may impact on your business. Download our free factsheet and resources.

In addition, you can ensure you never miss key employer and stakeholder events or important apprenticeship policy changes by viewing our regular policy posts through our blog and RevEAL publication (see the latest publication here)

Creating high quality apprenticeships

“Engineering” apprenticeships for over 60 years has granted us a unique understanding of sector related learning and development. When you decide to create a new high quality apprenticeship programme for your business Semta can help. Some of our key areas of expertise include:
● Implementation of the apprenticeship standard
● Designing and developing the apprenticeship trailblazer standards
● Providing technical expertise and secretariat services
● Designing and delivery of assessments and qualifications
● Offering external quality assurance of apprenticeship providers

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