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Semta Skills Awards 2019 - Help

The Semta Skills Awards celebrate the talented individuals and companies that make the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector one of the highest skilled sectors in the UK.

The awards recognise dedication to skills development honoring those making a significant difference to their workplace and the sector as a whole.

The awards are not just about celebrating success but provide a platform to share best practice and showcase the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector to inspire the next generation of engineers.

How it worksTimeline

Entries are open from 1st September until midnight on 30th November. The awards are free to enter and entries can be made in multiple award categories.

Entries are encouraged from individuals and companies of all sizes working in the UK's advanced manufacturing and engineering sector.

Anyone can enter, either by nominating someone else or by putting themselves forward. The same applies for nominating a company; they can nominate themselves, or they can be nominated by another company or individual.

Making an entry is simple. Our online system means that you can login and save your entries as many times as you like before you submit them.

Download our Frequently Asked Questions for help in submitting your entries or contact marketing@semta.org.uk for further information. 


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