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Driving Automotive Skills across Europe


About DRIVES Project

Semta is the UK partner in the European Union funded project‚ the Development and Research on Innovative Vocational Education Skills (DRIVES), which runs from January 2018 until December 2021. The project brings together 24 partners from 11 EU countries.

DRIVES will deliver human capital solutions to supply chain SMEs through the establishment of an Automotive Sector Skills Alliance, covering all levels of the value chain (vehicle production, automotive suppliers and automotive sales and aftermarket services), namely by:

  • Mapping and assessing the skills gaps and future skills needed in the automotive sector in the coming decade, as well as to develop and maintaining an Automotive Skills Strategic Roadmap;
  • Improving existing and proven skills frameworks across the EU;
  • Enabling mutual recognition of awards between formal and informal education schemes;
  • Implementing a common European automotive skills umbrella through integrating of existing skills frameworks;
  • Creating an EU-wide apprenticeship marketplace.

EU Project DRIVES: Participation to Questionnaire

To analyse current skills gaps and future skills needs, DRIVES partners have developed a survey and Semta would like to invite organisations in the UK's automotive sector to contribute by sharing their vision of the automotive sector and their needs. Responses to the survey will be the foundation for the development of solutions to fulfil skills needs for the supply chain. 

Organisations invited to participate in the survey include SMEs, large enterprises, technology centres, trade unions, public authorities, Chambers of Commerce, private employment agencies and labour ministries.

The survey will take approximately 40 minutes to complete and responses are required by Monday 15 April 2019. A key element of the project is to embed the views and insights of out UK automotive sector partners and that is why your input would be invaluable.

To take part in the survey and share your views click here

For further information about the survey click here to watch a webinar about was hosted about the survey.

Find out more

To find out more about DRIVES visit www.project-drives.eu or click here to become a project stakeholder and stay up to date on the latest developments from the DRIVES project. 

Information received through registration will only be used for the purposes of this project and you will be asked to participate in the survey. As a key stakeholder, you will also receive information on the outputs from this project.

You can follow the DRIVES social channels on Facebook (Project DRIVES), LinkedIn (Project DRIVES) and Twitter (@ProjectDrives // #DRIVESProject).

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