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Engineering Talent

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Find and give talent a chance

No matter the size of your business within engineering and manufacturing we all want to place the right candidates in the right jobs.

Engineering Talent is the new portal in supporting people wanting to work in the sector. 

Innovative hiring

Find the stars of the future and support those with an enthusiasm in engineering to achieve their ambitions. 

We enable you to champion their interest, allowing applicants to thrive and find their dream jobs!

Creating a new opportunity

We hire the best candidate for the right job at that time. But what happends to the rest?

What if you could provide another opportunity to the talent you have seen? Each one could be a perfect fit for a future role or hold skills suitable for another company. Reducing the ever wideining skills gap within the sector. 

What if you could help retain that interest and enthusiasm for the industry? Provide that applicant with that second chance!

With Engineering Talent you can. 

Engineering Talent recognises and harnesses the interest and passion of the individual, giving them a further chance to begin or continue on their career path. 

Recruitment doesn't have to be painful

Are you finding it hard to recruit to the jobs you are desperately looking to fill?

Is the expense of advertisements, pre-screening and interviewing too much?

Designed specifically for comapnies within the Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing sector, from OEMs to tiered suppliers, Engineering Talent is the tool to uncover the best talent that is accessible and available to your organisation. 

Search from a pool of already interested candidatesto the boundaries you wish to define, with the added benefit that they have already identified their ambition to work in this industry. 

What is it?

Simply, Engineering Talent is an online platform specifically desgined with the engineering and manufacturing indsutries in mind. From large OEMs to SMEs and everything in between. It can be used to provide and recruit the brightest stars for the workforce and for the UK Economy. 

If you are looking to recruit, its a talent pool of candidates who have a passion for working in the sector. If you are inundated with applicants it's your oversupply to channel candidates whowere unsuccessful in your recruitment round. 

Engineering Talent is an online hub of skills and jobs, allowing people to find the right people for the right job at the right time. It is the place to harness the ambition of wanting to work within the industry. 

  • The latest learning resources
  • Available anywhere at anytime
  • Content aligned to their chosen industry

Continuously developing

We want to ensure candidates have the best potential chance to continually developm their skills whilst looking for that emplyment opportunity. 

We've ensured that they can do this directly within Engineering Talent, though a development portal. 

We source reliable and trusted content and deliver this validated resource straight onto  the Engineering Talent environment so prospective candidates can continually refesh their knowledge and understanding. 

EAL quality assure all of the preloaded resources that are in Engineering Talent through a dedicated team of qualified curators. These certifired training resources are brought together all in one palce from the leading suppliers of online learning materials. 

This gives your future applicants the place to continuously ensure they are relveant and up to date with the industry.

The benefits to you as an employer or recruiter

Inundated with applicants?

  • Redirect unsuccessful candidates
  • Channel applicants to the biggest talent portal dedicated to the sector
  • Provide the next step to employment
  • Provide further opportunities
  • Help candidates update their skills with valid, reliable and authentic content
  • Retain talent within the industry
  • Supporting talent aquisition for the indsutry

Wanting to attract applicants?

  • Access a portal of the best talent in the country already interested in your sector
  • Search with your qualifications to find the perfect candidate for your company
  • See al suitable candidates and their profiles
  • New entrants to time served prospects
  • Access to candidates with up to date knowledge and understanding

To find out how you can gain access give us a call on 01923 652400 or contact customercare@eal.org.uk.