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Who are Semta?

Our purpose

Semta Group exists to help engineering and manufacturing employers and individual workers to develop the skills they need to succeed, in order to create a vibrant UK economy.

Our mission

To fill the most important skills gaps across engineering and manufacturing now and in the future.

Our strategic objectives

  • To be a sustainable not for profit group of organisations.
  • To provide outstanding products and services supporting the technical and professional education and skills policy needs of employers and individuals.
  • To be a highly, expert, agile and performance driven organisation that recognises and rewards the right behaviours, innovation and results.

Our People

Every success story begins with planning and strategy. We bring together employers, education and government to provide the expert guidance, skills solutions and employment focussed initiatives to empower you to plan and strategise for success. To do this successfully it’s important that we have the right people in our team...

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Building on industry expertise and decades of experience delivering skills and training solutions, Semta Group works with employers and key stakeholders to plug the Engineering skills gap. See how we can empower your organisation and transform productivity with our products and services.

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Semta Skills Awards

The annual skills awards celebrate the brightest and best talent from industry. We are passionate about celebrating and showcasing the best of British engineering and the championing of skills development. Through the Semta Skills Awards we are able to officially recognise the achievements of inspiring businesses from across the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector and also the talented people behind them.

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