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Summer RevEALWelcome to this Summer edition of RevEAL.

The last 12 weeks has been a whirlwind of activity for the sector. From the 25% of apprenticeship levy entitlements being able to be transferred to another organisation within the supply chain to not leaving the European Union. We have featured this information throughout this edition alongside everything else to keep you updated in delivering skills for the sector.

In our second edition – Summer 2019 – we provide you with features that will help you navigate the ever-changing skills landscape, helping you plan for now and for the future.

Features include;

  • AI to IA - artificial intelligence making our intelligence amplified
  • Engineering Talent
  • News from the Nations
  • Apprenticeships and End-Point Assessment
  • Brexit Update
  • A case study from Adi Ltd

Our articles are written with the focus on making all this information as uncomplicated as possible, to ensure you are at the forefront of all the latest understanding.

Our continual ambition for RevEAL is for it to be relevant to your needs and for Semta to become a partner – a critical friend – who you can rely upon.


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