The route to Apprenticeship success for SMEs

Most employers are now aware of the significant business benefits apprentices can deliver – increased productivity, improved competitiveness, helping to build a flexible, motivated, loyal workforce and securing the future talent pipeline – but some, particularly SMEs, are put off by the perceived level of hassle. While it's true that deciphering funding eligibility and getting to grips with the skills landscape can be challenging, Semta Apprenticeship Service removes this burden, making it easy for SMEs to invest in an apprentice and reap the associated rewards. We have talented applicants ready and willing to join your team and start making a valuable contribution to your business.

In order to guide you through the process, we've come up with our '6 steps to Apprenticeship Success for SMEs' ...


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Our position within the sector means we are uniquely placed to:

One of Semta's expert team of Apprenticeship Advisers can come and visit your business, or simply talk over the phone to assess how we can support and advise you.

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