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Semta is responsible for reviewing and setting the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for our sectors. Together with the qualifications and Apprenticeship frameworks they underpin, NOS provide a rigorous and high quality skills infrastructure for occupations across the engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors.

Apprenticeship frameworks

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Semta is responsible for developing apprenticeship frameworks in England, Wales and Scotland across the engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors. In England and Wales Semta also has responsibility for issuing apprenticeship frameworks.


Where can I find a current Semta apprenticeship framework?

Whether you are an employer wanting to know more about the latest Semta Apprenticeship frameworks or a training provider needing to check the most up to date components of an apprenticeship, you can find all the information you need below:


England and Wales

Please visit Apprenticeship Frameworks Online.

On the home page you will see a button at the top marked ‘Frameworks library’, which will bring up a search facility. To view all Semta ‘s Apprenticeship frameworks,  tick the Semta box on the left hand side, go to the bottom of the page and press Search.  When you have selected the framework you want, create a PDF by clicking on the framework and following the instructions.


Please visit Skills Development Scotland's website.

Northern Ireland

Please visit the Department for the Economy for further information on approved apprenticeship frameworks.

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