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Semta is responsible for reviewing and setting the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for our sectors. Together with the qualifications and Apprenticeship frameworks they underpin, NOS provide a rigorous and high quality skills infrastructure for occupations across the engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors.


Vocational Qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RCF) and Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)

National Occupational Standards ensure employers, training providers and individuals across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have access to robust and quality assured vocational qualifications such as N/SVQs and Technical Underpinning Knowledge Qualifications used in Apprenticeship frameworks. Click here for details of the Awarding Organisations (AOs) Semta works with who award certificates and quality assure Vocational Qualifications in our sector.

Robust, flexible and relevant – the qualifications our sector needs for growth

Semta, in partnership with employers and AOs, has developed a wide range of qualifications, designed to meet the needs of today’s innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors. These qualifications give employers the tools they need to recruit the right people with the right skills and knowledge for their business, as well as to train and up-skill existing employees.

We also work with employers and AOs in Scotland to develop SVQ qualifications for the SCQF.

For further information on engineering manufacturing qualifications in England, Northern Ireland and Wales visit Ofqual's Register of Regulated Qualifications, in Scotland visit the Scottish Qualifications Authority website or email customerservices@semta.org.uk or call 0845 643 9001.


Additional Information for NVQs

AOs and training providers interested in the quality assurance and assessment requirements set out by Semta for NVQ qualifications can find out more here: