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Semta International specialises in meeting the unique needs of the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector and associated industries.  We bring together employers, education and government to provide expert guidance, skills solutions and employment focused initiatives to create the highly skilled, dynamic workforce required to drive future global success.



What Semta International Offers

We offer a comprehensive managed skills service including:

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Research and Insight

Semta is a leading provider of skills and Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) for the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector in the UK. We can bring our years of experience and expertise to help you undertake strategic analysis to identify your organisation’s skills needs and make insightful recommendations on how to best meet your training objectives.

National Occupational Standards Development

Semta is the government approved occupational standard setting organisation for the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector in the UK. We have worked collaboratively with employers to develop more than 2,500 industry standards, which have international credibility and recognition. Our unique knowledge and expertise in this area is invaluable in workforce development, providing a robust consistent benchmark of the skills needed by a globally competitive labour force.

Curriculum and Qualification Development

Semta has unrivalled experience of working at the heart of the vocational education system with employers and governments in designing, delivering and quality assuring qualifications and apprenticeships. This experience allows us to help you develop accredited and non-accredited qualifications and training programmes.

Training and Delivery

Depending on your requirements, we can deliver and develop quality, flexible and cost effective training directly to learners or provide bespoke train the trainer programmes, including assessor and verifier training.

Accreditation and certification

Your customised training courses can be accredited and certificated by Semta International (through our awarding organisation EAL). This provides you with a flexible solution to qualification and training delivery which can meet local, national or international needs. Whether you are an employer or an education and skills provider, we can certify the delivery of a wide range of approved UK regulated qualifications, or customised training courses. This will offer you the assurance that quality and internationally recognised skills standards and competencies have been attained.

Quality Assurance

We can offer an independent assessment and quality assurance service, working with you to support the highest standards in training and qualifications delivery.

Bespoke Solutions Development

Every organisation is different and we are committed to providing solutions to your skills needs through tailor-made, flexible solutions – no matter what the scale.

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service, providing advice, guidance and technical expertise at every step to meet your specific needs, working with you to maximise your organisation’s potential.


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