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Led by employers, our job is to transform the skills and productivity of the people who power our engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies sectors, enabling UK industry to compete on the global stage. We bring together employers and education to focus action on skills.

WorldSkills UK Competitions - reasons to get involved

Skills competition activity is a great way to create real buzz in the classroom, workshop or workplace. Whether you host a competition or put forward a competitor, getting involved will motivate learners to improve their skills and help bring learning to life.


Benefits for competitors

Benefits for organisations


Raises your profile within your organisation

Raises your organisation’s profile as a competitive, visible employer


Showcases your talent, technical ability and hands on skills

Builds your reputation as a responsible employer


Gives you development opportunities through technical advice and training

Gives staff greater development opportunities through qualifications and training programmes


Gives you the opportunity to celebrate your achievements

Motivates your workforce and improves professional recognition


The opportunity to benchmark your skills against your peers from other regions and nations

Demonstrates expertise in your field


Contributes towards the completion of the apprenticeship standard

Contributes to the 20% off the job training requirement for apprenticeship standards and can be funded through the apprenticeship levy



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