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Welding (SkillWeld)

Welding - Thomas BeardsleyWelding Nathan Davies Welding Luke Lawrence

Registration for the SkillWeld 2019 Passive Stage is now closed

The SkillWeld competition is made up of the following stages:-


1. Passive Heats
The following information for which can be found on the SkillWeld website:
• Guidelines for SkillWeld Passive Heats
• SkillWeld - Passive Heat Test Piece Marking Sheet
• Passive Test Piece
• Passive Test Piece WJ


Once the passive stage of the competition has been completed up to the deadline set, competitors who achieve a score of 250+ will then be required to register for the 2019 WSUK Competition Cycle open on WSUK, this registration system opens on 1st March 2019 and closes on 7th April 2019 – if you are interested in becoming involved when the registrations open, please read our information leaflets below that provide an outline of the competition.


The SkillWeld competition is aimed at trainee welders with good levels of skill in MMC, MIG/MAG and TIG. The competition is designed to test your skills in the three main, manual fusion processes. During the Semi Final stage of the competition you will be asked to complete four weld tests. All four of the test pieces are mandatory.


2. Semi-Finals (April – June)


3. National final (November)

Competition Information Leaflets

Download the Welding leaflet. 

Download the Welding Training to Succeed booklet.

Did you know that competitions can count towards the 20% off the job training requirement for apprenticeship standards! - Download the guidance here

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